Sicily Jordan Releases New Single “Hit and Run”

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Recognized for her talents as a singer-songwriter by music industry legends like award-winning producers Barry Fasman and Dana Walden, Sicily Jordan is a rising hitmaker. Her latest single “Hit and Run,” showcases a new side of Sicily that embraces the vulnerability of falling in and out of love. Recorded in LA with production duo Chapters, Hit and Run is a cinematic blend of emotional ballads with a modern twist. The song narrates the feelings of someone who knowingly and willingly gives themselves over to an unrequited love. Although your experience with love might differ from the singer, Hit and Run resonates with anyone who needs closure even if none can be found. Sicily’s new single “Hit and Run” is now available on all streaming platforms!

Can you walk us through your musical background and training?

My dad is an amazing musician and songwriter, so his influence was the foundation for my passion in music. Beyond that, I mostly taught myself how to play, sing, and write songs; just experimenting and exploring until it felt right basically! 

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Again, my dad will always be my first and most important musical influence. There are definitely so many artists who inspire me in different ways as well, but it gets difficult to list because I’m constantly listening and updating what inspires me or what intrigues me.

Can you tell us about your creative process for writing music? 

The one thing that’s reliable about my creative process is that it’s unpredictable! There really isn’t one process that I use every time I write a song because sometimes a lyric will suddenly appear and I’ll build a song off of that lyric, or a melody will get stuck in my head and I go from there, or sometimes it starts with a story/experience that I’m inspired to capture in a song. 

How do you stay inspired and motivated as a musician? 

When I’m feeling unmotivated, I usually take it as a sign that there’s something in me that needs attention or replenishment. It could be rest, a need for community, or a reminder of what I love about music. Whatever it is, I try to address that need rather than forcing my way through it.

Can you discuss your experience recording in a studio? 

The recording is one of my favorite parts of the music creation process because it’s where we get to breathe life into a song. I’ve been so lucky to have Chapters produce my songs because they make the recording process feel so personal and magical. I know I can trust that when I’m in the vocal booth with Justin Tinucci on the other side, I’m in a safe space; I’m in a space where I can be vulnerable and know that Justin will help guide my vocal delivery to best tell the story of the song. 

Photo Credit: Christopher Jordan

Can you discuss any upcoming projects or plans for the future? 

Just keep making and releasing music! We have a few more amazing songs already set to follow Queen and Hit and Run. I’m also planning to do more live performances, so a lot of exciting things for everyone following along on this journey!

What do you want your audience to take away from your new song “Hit and Run”?

One of the reasons I think songs are so powerful is the unique way that they can communicate a shared experience to make someone feel less alone, while at the same time be so intensely personal to that listener that it gives them exactly what they needed to express their emotions. I think particularly with sad love songs, that sadness or pain someone feels can be so difficult to manage internally. If you find a song you can resonate within that time of sadness, that song becomes a way to give meaning to the emotion outside of yourself, and consequently provide a way to understand what you’re experiencing. 

Can you walk us through the creative process for writing and recording the single?

When I was writing ‘Hit and Run’, I was really trying to explain what it feels like when you love someone who can’t love you back, but you can’t let them go either. I love how the lyrics and melody capture the experience of building up hope only to be let down again and again. I swear, it honestly felt like the song wrote itself.  Recording it was just as magical because Justin really helped pull my emotion into the takes while I was in the vocal booth. I can confidently say, being in the vocal booth is probably always going to be one of my favorite places to be in the world. 

How do you approach musical experimentation and incorporating new ideas into your work? 

Oooo, what a fun question! I’d say I like to experiment a lot with different styles of music and different ways to story tell through the lyrics. It does mean that the catalog of songs I’ve written is varied to say the least, but I think creativity is most successful in the space outside of the comfort zone. Constantly challenging myself and switching things up is so much more fun than writing the same song over. For example, I play both guitar and piano, so if I feel like I’m working on a song and it’s stuck, I’ll switch up instruments and that can often unlock something new in the song!

How do you stay connected and engage with your audience? 

Through the music, that’s where the most special and pure connection is for me. It’s not always easy for a song to find it’s person especially for smaller, independent artists, but when it does, that is everything. 








Photo Credit: Christopher Jordan

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