Taylor Swift’s ‘Dorkiness’ act inspired the”Argylle” role, says Bryce Dallas Howard

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Taylor Swift

Bryce Dallas Howard discloses that Taylor Swift served as the example for the “Argylle” role.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Elly Conway in the movie Argylle, clarifies Taylor Swift was an inspiration for the movie. Bryce says on The Graham Norton Show, “We can’t comment that she was involved, but she was a great inspiration.”

“Elly Conway was inspired by Taylor’s dorkiness”, Bryce said. She is a lady who loves cats. She wanders around with this amazing bag that has a cat in it. There’s an undeniable dorkiness about her, and she adores an argyle sweater, according to Bryce Dallas Howard.

Bryce spills the tea, “Just loved the complete backpack keeping a cat, and Taylor’s cat lady vibes”. Elly, played by Bryce in the film, exhibits a similar passion with cats, suggesting a peculiar bond between Swift and the character.

Taylor may be the enigmatic Elly Conway, Swifties surmised, going into investigator mode. The argyle bag and the resemblance between Elly’s Scottish Fold cat in the trailer and Swift’s Meredith Grey were clues. Conspiracy theories were disseminated widely on the internet.

Director of Argylle Matthew Vaughn intervenes to refute the gossip. He makes it clear that Taylor Swift is not the author of the book, even if Elly Conway is. The conspiracy claims are refuted by Vaughn, who says, “It’s a really good book, but Taylor Swift didn’t write it.”

Argylle tracks Elly as she races around the world to catch killers in disguise with a real-life spy, portrayed by Sam Rockwell. In this exciting journey, Elly’s imaginary world becomes more real than it is.

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Aside from the drama involving Taylor Swift, Argylle features an impressive ensemble cast, which includes John Cena, Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine O’Hara, and Dua Lipa. A feast for the senses awaits!

Are you ready to watch the action movie that will hit the theatres on February 2?  Argyle, a star-studded production will be available on streaming platforms internationally on Apple TV+ following its theatrical premiere.

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