Will Swift reach Las Vegas on time for Super Bowl game on Sunday?

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Taylor Swift

Swift fans going crazy, ‘Is she going to arrive in time?” She has not yet disclosed her travel arrangements to Las Vegas, the location of her boyfriend’s NFL star tight end Travis Kelce‘s Super Bowl game on Sunday.

The only worldwide private aviation firm in the world, VistaJet, and Swift representatives did not immediately respond to the AP’s request for comment.

Taylor Swift‘s admirers and aviation journalists think they have located her private jet, known as “The Football Era,” on social media. It arrived at Los Angeles’ LAX airport shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Thousands of Swift fans were still singing her farewell song at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday night as the singer hurried to a private plane at Haneda airport, most likely to board a closely watched flight to meet Kelce.

Swift had earlier assured the audience, “We’re all going to go on a great adventure.” She was talking about the music, but it could equally be a description of her struggle against time to cross the international date line and nine time zones.

After her sold-out show, Swift made a final bow, dressed in a blue sequined outfit, with the crowd yelling, strobe lights throbbing, and confetti raining. Then, she vanished beneath the stage, continuing to make her way to another side of the planet.

For weeks, rumours and conjecture have swirled about her anticipated trip to see Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.

“Hopefully, she can get back in time”. Hitomi Takahashi, a 29-year-old office worker, was taking pictures outside the Tokyo Dome with her friend after purchasing matching Taylor Swift sweaters. “It’s so romantic,” she exclaimed.

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“It stated that she should get in Las Vegas comfortably before the start of the Super Bowl if she leaves Tokyo in the evening following her concert”, a source claims.

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