Audio Publishers Association’s Annual Audie Awards 2024 nominations announced

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Annual Audie Awards 2024

The 2024 nominations for the Audio Publishers Association’s annual Audie Awards were released today. Around 27 categories are listed. This maintains their place in the top three categories of book and publishing reward programs; the other two competitions with such significant weight are the scholarly PROSE awards and the British Book Awards.

The program’s promotional material features a number of well-known entertainment figures, which is a tactic used by marketers to elevate the celebrity-coattails profile of audiobooks by showcasing their most well-known readers to consumers. The event is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on march 4.

The competition for buzz in audio can be more intense than in cinema or television because of its lack of visual appeal and challenge to reach a wider audience.

The program renamed two categories to reflect the contemporary emphasis on diversity, equality, and inclusion. “The Best Fiction Narrator” and “Best Nonfiction Narrator” categories have replaced the previous ones for “Best Male and Best Female Narrators”.

In the announcement of this year’s finalists, Dreamscape and the Audio Publishers Association president :Sean McManus” expressed the organization’s pride in “announcing category reforms and recognitions that reflect the rich tapestry of the world of audio and literary entertainment.”

Celebrities are praising Michelle Williams for her most recent accomplishment, which is narrating Britney Spears’ autobiography “The Woman In Me” on audiobook. 

Although many had hoped that the 43-year-old actress would receive a Grammy nomination for her work, she did not receive a nomination for the audio version of the singer’s book.

The narrators of “The Eyes and the Impossible” by Dave Eggers, “Tom Lake” by Ann Patchett, “The Light We Carry” by Michelle Obama, “Six Sermons” by Asa Merritt by Stephanie Hsu and the cast, “The Dragon Reborn” by Robert Jordan by Rosamund Pike, and many more are among the additional candidates for the Audie Awards.

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