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Julia Garcia is always looking for ways to be creative as both an actress and producer. She already knows the importance of networking as well as the advantages of social media. I loved getting her perspective on all of this in this recent interview.

You are an actress and producer. Why do you think social media is important for young actors?

Actors need a social media platform to engage their fan base and to build relationships with other actors. Understanding your brand and marketing yourself in specific manner on social media is important because casting directors do look at your posts. It’s also a good idea to use social media as a way to document your growth and for project promotion. As a producer, any time an actor has a decent amount of followers, it adds to the production value because the actor is bringing a built-in audience. 

Do you have any advice for your followers on how to handle negative comments on their social media?

I’m really big on setting boundaries.  It’s important not to tolerate negative behavior and comments on social media. Know your self-worth and keep your social media space positive.  Delete all negative comments and block or restrict anyone who is not being kind and respectful.

What draws you to a film project?

I love to be able to relate to a film project. Connecting with a story that has never been told or that is being told in a new way attracts me to a project.  A character who is challenging and that will allow me to grow as an artist creatively is what I’m constantly on the lookout for.

How did your role on Sydney to the Max come about?

I actually auditioned on my birthday for ‘Sydney to the Max’. At that time, I was already working on Fresh Off the Boat. The audition came through my manager, and the role of Emmy was really cute. We drove over to the studio, and I read the breakdown. I had never played a character like Emmy before, she was funny and clueless but had a really big heart. At that point in my career, I really hadn’t had the full experience of a multi-cam comedy television show. It was really a gift to have booked the role on my birthday.

Julia Garcia
Julia Garcia

What is your favorite moment from being on the set of Sydney to the Max?

Great question, I have so many amazing moments… definitely singing in crafty in between scenes. We called the crafty room “the clubhouse” and the “Four Amigas” would hang in the room until production was ready for us. We would sing and dance but mostly the best memories are of us laughing and spending time together.  Time in the clubhouse will forever be imprinted on my heart.

You go to a lot of red-carpet events. What has been your favorite event so far? 

The premiere of ‘Ugly Dolls’ is definitely a top contender.  Meeting Pit Bull and Gwen Stefani was definitely an insane highlight, but it’s gotta be physically running into Nick Jonas and looking up and realizing who he was takes the cake.  He was so kind and gracious about the whole thing that it literally had me “fan-girling” out.

How important do you think networking is to a building career?

Networking is your entire career. It’s absolutely essential and just as important as your creativity in the art form itself. Building connections and meeting people are the foundation of this business.

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

I’m Executive Producing a film called ‘Alone’ that begins filming in January. It tells the story of a mythological creature in Latin America history that possess individuals within a family. The story surrounds the mystery of Camila’s disappearance, and the creature is born when the family members refuse to accept the death of Camila.

Julia Garcia
Photo Credit: Personal Collection
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