Glimpse from Dunkin Donuts’ Super Bowl ad series posted on Social Media by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

In a new video released by the Hollywood pair Affleck and Lopez, on Monday as part of Dunkin Donuts’ Super Bowl ad series, Ben and his entourage interrupt Jennifer Lopez’s recording session to perform the song “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart”.

Singer Jack Harlow sits inside a car beside Affleck at the beginning of the one-minute film, attempting to talk him out of what he is about to do. The 2023 Dunkin Super Bowl commercial featured Lopez pulling into the drive-through where Affleck was working, so the Air actor tells the Lovin on Me, singer, that he has to do it.

Jennifer Lopez Dunkin
Jennifer Lopez Dunkin

Lopez is shown in the video working on her next album, “This Is Me”. In her recording studio right now her spouse has come, her aide informs her. 

But when the actor storms into the studio with his “DunKings” crew, all decked out in a pink, white, and orange tracksuit, the superstar is taken aback.

He presents his “partner,” Matt Damon, and American football player Tom Brady via the keyboard. Brady appears to be supportive of Affleck’s idea, but Damon, his co-star in Air, expresses his hesitancy by saying, “Sometimes it’s really hard to be your friend.”

Still singing “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart,” is Affleck. Damon regretfully says, “How do you like them donuts?” in the conclusion.

Lopez declines her husband’s request to include the song on her ninth studio album, accompanied by rapper Fat Joe. When Lopez informs Brady he can stay, the DunKings get dejected and begin to walk away.

As the commercial concludes, Affleck tells his almost 40-year friend, “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you? This might be anything”.

Actor Damon Oppenheimer and actor Ben Affleck first became pals in their early years after meeting in the 1980s. The two, who grew up in the same Cambridge, Massachusetts neighborhood, went on to co-star in nine films together, including Good Will Hunting, which they also co-wrote.

Affleck and Lopez have been together for many years as well. Early in the new millennium, the two started dating. Despite being engaged, they decided not to get married in 2003. The couple got married in Vegas in 2022 after reigniting their passion in 2021.

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