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Avaryana Rose is having a great 2023 so far. This actress and social media influencer is starring in several movies this year, her latest one being the film Not for Sale alongside Dean Cain. This powerful movie about human trafficking is streaming now on several platforms. I was lucky to interview this Floridian talent on this important film as well as her upcoming projects.

You started out as a social media influencer and transitioned into acting. How did that come about?

As much as I loved influencing and modeling, I felt that I wanted to try something new. After I tried acting, I quickly fell in love with it.

Your film NOT FOR SALE is out now. Tell us about the film.

Not For Sale is a film focusing on human trafficking, specifically about human trafficking in Orlando, Florida. The film shows how easy it is to be trafficked, and how in everyday life people are getting trafficked right in front of your eyes. 

Why do you think this is an important film?

This film is so important because it spreads awareness about a topic that many people don’t really know about. Human trafficking is so dangerous, and knowing the signs and what to look for can save your life; or someone else’s. 

Photo Credit: Jason Campbell

What did you learn from making this film?

I learned all the ways traffickers can try to get to you. It is terrifyingly easy to get into the unfortunate shoes of my character, Heather. I also learned about the hand signal for human trafficking. 

You mentioned there is a sign for Human Trafficking. Can you tell us what that sign is?

Of course! The sign for human trafficking is sign language for H and T. For specific details on how to recognize it, a quick Google search will give you a visual. 

You worked with Dean Cain on this film. What was that like?

Working with Dean Cain was amazing! He was extremely professional, whilst also being down to earth and easy to work with. When I was filming a rather tough scene, he made sure to always make me laugh in between takes. 

What message do you hope people get after watching this film?

I hope the overall message people receive from watching “Not for Sale” is what human trafficking can actually look like. Its not the typical ‘kidnapped in the middle of the night’ situation. It is more like promises of greater things, lies, and blackmail.

Any upcoming projects you can share?

My new film, “Broken”, released on March 25! A few of my other upcoming projects would be “A Wave of Kindness” and “American Prom”.

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