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Diane W Kelly
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Photo Credit: Jason Rivera

Mery Diamondz was born to perform! From an early age this shining star has been wowing people with her talent. Now, Mery is embarking on a music career after an introduction to producer Andrew Lane. Her first single entitled “It’s a Girl” will be released on June 9th. I recently interviewed Mery about her career and her plans for the future.

How did you get started in the music industry?

I’ve always known from an early age that I wanted to be an artist; it’s actually in my blood! My mom’s aunt was a well-known artist in the Armenian community, and she was also part of a choir group. She constantly helped me get to the next level. I eventually joined her choir and performed alongside her. Then I took things in my own hands and found the best celebrity vocal coach Lis Lewis. She was the one who introduced me to multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane and the rest is history!

Tell us about your upcoming single release.

My upcoming release is called “It’s a girl”. The song is about a gender reveal and everything that accompanies it- baby showers, reveal parties, and couples awaiting baby news. My inspiration came from seeing gender reveals constantly in my social media feed! I love seeing them! So, I knew I had to write a song that celebrates that exciting and precious time in the life of the soon to be new parents! 

What made you choose to release a cover song first?

I chose to do a cover of Beyoncé’s Halo first of all because it reminds me of my amazing mom and secondly because of my respect and admiration for Queen B herself! I just added my own little twist!

How do you come up with ideas for your music?

All of the music is inspired by real life events- Whether it’s regarding a toxic relationship, a gender party, or simply someone having a bad day. I write and perform music that resonates with everyone.

Photo Credit: Jason Rivera

What is your favorite moment from being in the studio?

Wow! That is a loaded question! There are so many, I think one of my favorite moments was the time my producer Drew brought live musicians in to record my song “Stand by you”. Once I heard the incredible Jeremy Lappitt playing the saxophone, I think I just about lost my mind since the saxophone is my favorite instrument and this song in particular means a lot to me. It’s about protecting kids in need. The whole experience was emotional for me, but at the same time incredible.

What is your favorite song genre?

My favorite song genres are R&B and Classical. I enjoy listening to R&B vocalists such as Stevie Wonder, Etta James, James Brown, I also enjoy the classical works of Luciano Pavarotti, Sarah Brightman, and Andrea Bocelli.

How important do you think networking is to a budding career?

This industry is more than any other as far as “Who You Know” . I believe networking is crucial to business and without it you won’t get very far!

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

My upcoming projects will be film and television with my producer Andrew Lane. He already works with Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS Viacom and many of the major TV production entities. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Jason Rivera

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