Isabelle Dubroy Knows Her Worth

Diane W Kelly
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Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery LA

Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery LA

Isabelle Dubroy is an actress, model, and singer/songwriter. She has been performing as long as she can remember. As an actress, she has booked numerous roles, as a model she has walked the runways of New York and Milan and has a singer/songwriter she is constantly working on new music. With a heart as big as her talent, Isabelle started the Isabelle Heart Foundation to give back to her community. I recently interview Isabelle about her thoughts on social media and her upcoming projects.

You are an actress, singer, and content creator. Why do you think social media is important for young actors?

Social media is very important for young influencers to grow their platforms and create solid fan base. Our generation is constantly using social media, so having the option to promote yourself on the media is a huge benefit!

Do you have any advice for your followers on how to handle negative comments on their social media?

No matter what, if you put yourself out there, there will be haters. That is something that comes with being someone in the entertainment business/being an influencer. The best thing you can do is know your worth and realize that the negative opinions others have about you cannot overpower the opinion you have of yourself.

How do you come up with ideas for your social media content?

The majority of my content is photos from photo shoots, playing instruments, performances, and my daily life. My inspiration is to try and uplift my viewers and give them an insight on my life and the things I love doing!

How did your music career start?

My music career started when I was 6 years old. That was the year I wrote my very first song, and I continued to write original music from there. 

Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery LA

What is your favorite moment from all of your live performances?

One of my favorite performances was when I was in elementary school, and I performed for my schools spring benefit concert. This was my first time performing my song on stage and I feel like this moment was when I gained a lot of confidence which I previously did not have. This is a moment I look back on to remind me to always have confidence and believe in myself. 

You go to a lot of red-carpet events. What has been your favorite event so far?

One of my favorite red-carpet events was an event at the LA Zoo. I loved being able to see all of the animals and dressing up for the zoo!

How important do you think networking is to a budding career?

As a young artist, I think networking is an extremely important part of building a career and creating exposure.

Are there any upcoming projects you can share with our readers?

I am currently working on some new music, which I am so excited to share with everyone! 

Photo Credit: Billy Montgomery LA

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