Jack Sweeney hacks the celebrities travel plans and reveal on social media on the same day

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Jack Sweeney hacks the celebrities travel

After much investigation, we get to know that Jack Sweeney is the person who tracks the information about the renowned and elite personalities about their plane takeoffs and landings, which are tracked by Jack Sweeney using publicly accessible data, and he posts the results the following day.

The person has traced Taylor Swift’s travel details and posted. Her attorneys registered the tracking complaint and amounted to “stalking”.

Elon Musk accused Mr. Sweeney of disclosing his “assassination coordinates” on Twitter and banned his account on X. 

Swift’s attorneys have demanded in writing for Mr. Sweeney, a 21-year-old student at University of Central Florida, to quit revealing the whereabouts of her private plane.

The letter, dated December, describes the material as “a life-or-death matter” for Swift and states that it poses “an imminent threat to her safety and wellbeing.”

The article lists several of the stalkers she has dealt with professionally and claims that the information provides offenders with “a roadmap to carry out their plans”.

Although US media outlets have reported on the contents of the letter, the BBC has not independently reviewed it. Mr. Sweeney declared “Nowhere do I intend for harm” in a statement to the BBC. “In my opinion, Swift has a few very great tunes. I support openness and public information,” he declared.

He went on to say that once media outlets started examining Swift’s carbon impact, he received the threatening letter. According to digital marketing company Yard, Swift topped the list of celebrities with the biggest CO2 emissions from private jets in 2022.

Because of her well-publicized concert tour, Swift’s travel schedule has also attracted more attention from fans in recent months. One day after her concert in Tokyo, on Sunday, she is scheduled to go to Las Vegas to see her boyfriend play in the NFL Super Bowl.

No information on the passengers aboard the flights or their destinations after landing is provided in Mr. Sweeney’s post.

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