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Shelia’ Celine is an actress and singer/songwriter with a style that is all her own. This pintsized powerhouse is taking Hollywood by storm with her music and acting. Even though she is busy, she took time out of her schedule for this interview about her career and even a fun fact no one knows about her!

How would you define your style as a singer? 

My style of singing is probably pop.  A lot of people in my family say I’m a bubble gum Rapper, all poppy and cute. So based off that I think pop is my style of singing.  

What is your process for writing songs? 

First, I think of things that I like to do, maybe like sleeping over with a friend or playing a game, then I turn those ideas into music. Now I have to admit it’s really hard to think of lyrics for a song and sometimes I lose my confidence during songwriting, but when I seek that confidence again, I can create song lyrics. 

If you could do a duet with anyone who would it be and why? 

I’d duet with Rob49. If some of you guys aren’t familiar with him, he’s a rapper AKA my cousin. We’re going to be working on a project soon so stay tuned!!! 

What is on your playlist right now? 

Right now, I’m listening to SZAs song ‘’Kill Bill’’ and “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy. Every time I listen their songs their voices soothe me in some way I can’t really explain. 

Photo Credit: GLS Pictures

As an actress, how important is training? 

Training is VERY important. Without training, it would be hard to book auditions or even get callbacks. Before I had training, I only booked one job. Now that I’ve been training more, I just booked a show recently. I’ve been getting a lot of auditions, and callbacks. 

What is your favorite role to play and why? 

So, because the project hasn’t released yet I cannot tell you guys what my current favorite role is! I’m sorry, but I did really enjoy working with Norman Towns as his daughter Toni. We had matching daddy daughter names in the film “If I knew You Were Coming.”

Fun question– what is one thing no one knows about you? 

One thing that people don’t know about me is, that I can roll my belly really good without a problem. 

Where can we follow you? 

You can follow me on Instagram at @sheliaceline and @sheliacelinemusic and on TikTok  

Photo Credit: GLS Pictures

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