Taylor Swift makes an astounding statement at “Eras Tour” in Melbourne Concert

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Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift made a significant statement on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, her fans were taken aback. The 34-year-old singer announced to the audience at her current performance that she will no longer hesitate from singing any of her “surprise songs” on her acoustic tour more than once.

The singer of “Bad Blood” said, “That was to challenge me to really get to all the ones that I just don’t normally go towards, so I feel extremely happy of accomplishing that.”

There is a lot of audience, and we’re extremely fortunate to have a lot of fans who follow this on the internet and care about these shows if they’re not here. So this is sort of a public service message to everyone who might be somewhere else on the tour, or whatever, or watching this.”

She added further, “Therefore, I refuse to remove any paint colors or tools from the paintbox going forward.” “I would like to be able to edit songs and play them more than once when I feel like it. Does that seem reasonable to you? She continued.

The 96,000 audience inside Melbourne Cricket Ground cheered instantly as the “Cruel Summer” singer made the announcement. Swift performed the piano cover of “Teardrops on My Guitar” as her second unexpected song of the evening. Swift sent her followers a message on Instagram after her three performances in Melbourne.

“After more than 288,000 of you came and danced with us over the last three nights, Melbourne, what do I even say to you?!” That experience will never be forgotten. It was another LEVEL for you”. She expressed her gratitude by saying, “I’m grateful for the memories”. 

She posted several photos and videos from her recent performances in Australia on Sunday, writing, “I’ll revisit the ones from this weekend often.” Next, on February 23, Swift will go to Sydney for four Eras Tour performances at Accor Stadium.

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