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Skyla Disney is a model and social media influencer in Los Angeles. While she may love walking the runway, she is also focused on social and staying grounded. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Skyla about her modeling career and her thoughts on social media.

As a model do you like print work or runway work best and why?

As a model I’d say I love both but if I had to pick one, I’d go with runway. Runway is really fun, and I get to meet so many talented models at each show, some of whom have become my best friends.

How do you practice for the runway?

It helps a lot to practice walking in different types of shoes and heels. My mom used to be a runway model, so she helps me with working on my technique, such as focusing on my posture while walking. 

If you could walk the runway for any designer who would that be and why?

If I could walk for anyone, I’d say I would love to walk for Burberry or Victoria’s Secret. It just seems like a fun experience, and I love both brands.

What are some tips you can give aspiring models that want to walk the runway like you?

Some tips would be to always remember your self-worth and that you are beautiful. There is space on the runway for all looks and body types. Make sure to advocate for yourself and don’t put yourself in a position where you’re walking in something that’s either inappropriate for your age or makes you uncomfortable. Also, practice your poses and facials especially when you know what you’ll be promoting, you want to know ahead of time how to walk or pose so that the product sits right and is flattering. But most importantly, have fun!

Photo Credit: Mike Harris

As a social media influencer how do you handle negative comments?

Don’t let them get to you. I honestly just ignore them at this point because I know my self-worth and it’s not worth dwelling on the opinions of people who don’t even really know you. 

A lot of young girls use filters in their Instagram photos. What are your thoughts on this?

As a girl who went through a phase when I would always over filter everything, I honestly have to say that since I took off the filters I’ve felt so much better about myself. Filters in my opinion are what made me imagine this unrealistic version of myself and made me more insecure.

Are there any tips you can give for helping to build your social media following?

Be consistent and be passionate about what you do. People want to connect with who they’re following so it’s important to show who you are and just have fun with it.

Do you have any upcoming projects you can share?

At the moment, I’m focused on school as finals are coming up really soon so no new projects at the moment, but I’ll be back to the grind as soon as summer is here!

Photo Credit: Carlo de Guzman

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