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Mila Nabours is a singer/songwriter who is as energetic as she is talented. Her newest single “Emotions” is now streaming on all platforms. This upbeat collaboration with friend Anica Rose, makes you want to put down your phone and get up and dance! While Mila is busy traveling the world performing, she took some time for this fun interview about her single, her thoughts on social media and her plans for more music!

Thank you for this interview! You recently got back from performing with The Fashion Life Tour. Tell us about that experience.

I’ve been touring with the fashion like tour for years, and I absolutely love it. The Fashion Life Tour is made up of such a great time and it’s such a blessing being able to travel with people I love. Since New York, I have traveled to the Cayman Islands with TFL to perform in Cayman Fashion Week! It was an amazing show and overall great experience. 

During that performance you debuted your new single “Emotions”. Tell us about this single.

Andrew Lane, Tyler Conti, Anica Rose, and I wrote the song “Emotions,” which is my newest single. We aimed to create something catchy and entertaining that would inspire people to dance or simply let go! 

Why did you want to write a song inspired by New York?

We wanted to write a New York inspired song because we knew we’d be performing at NYFW and we wanted something new and fresh that no one has ever heard!

What inspired you to do a collaboration with Anica Rose?

Anica and I decided to collaborate and combine our unique approaches to develop a brand-new original because we have the same producer, Andrew Lane, and we both knew we’d be performing at New York Fashion Week. Since we’re good friends, we thought it’d be a lot of fun!  

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How do you prepare for live performances?

I prep for performances first by making sure my stamina is in check. Making sure I can keep a steady tone while being physically active is something I’m currently working on little by little — it’s a work in progress!! I also prep by keeping my voice warm and doing lots of vocal exercises! Lastly, I drink lots of water, get enough of rest, and do a good amount of run throughs to feel fully prepared.

Any plans for more live performances?

Yes! I’m performing in LA at the Mint on April 26. I’ll also have more performances up until then, but in September, I’m performing in Milan for Milan Fashion Week. I’m pumped! 

You are also a popular content creator. How important is social media today to further a career?

In today’s time, social media is crucial for growing your brand as an artist. One of the main reasons I partake in social media is to build my public name to help take my music career to the next level. It’s tough, but I try my best to be consistent on social media!

How do you handle negative comments on your social media?

I believe that people who feel the need to make a negative impact on social media are doing it out of internal insecurity. Instead of feeling mad about these comments, I see them as self-projection and more so I feel bad for those people and the things they may be struggling with.

What advice do you have for anyone who may experience negativity on their social media?

In my opinion, most of the people leaving negative comments of others are normally just jealous or insecure about themselves. The best advice I would give is don’t give them the attention they’re looking for. If you do this, chances are they’ll most likely stop.

Where can we follow you on social media?

Instagram and Tiktok: @mila.nabours

Youtube: Mila Nabours

Photo Credit: Barry Freeman Photography

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